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1440 - Mint Dress + Mop Cap


Mint floral print dress with embroidered flowers and mop cap.

It will fit Premature babies, Reborn dolls + most dolls in this size - including Teeny Tiny Tears - that are between 7¾"-10" wide around the chest.

Length from middle of shoulder to hem is 7".

Stick out net underskirts and crocheted shoes are available for this size. For mint shoes see item 2015 under "Shoes/Bootees" in 11-12" (28-31cm) size

To Fit/Size: 11-12" (28-31cm)

Price: £10.99

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Mint Dress + Mop Cap


Dolly Togs clothes are professionally made by an experienced baby-clothes designer and manufacturer. They are overlocked and hemmed to prevent fraying and can be machine-washed up to 40 degrees.