Dolly Togs

1694 - White Frilly Ribbon Knickers


White poly-cotton knickers with deep frilled lace, edged with narrow ribbon and decorated with bows.

These knickers will fit Premature babies, Reborns, Baby Annabell, Berenguer and most dolls that are between 12"- 15" wide around the waist.

The measurement from the waist to the crutch is 5¼".

Stick out net underskirts and hand crocheted shoes are available for this size.

To Fit/Size: 15-18" (38-45cm)

Price: £5.30

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White Frilly Ribbon Knickers


Dolly Togs clothes are professionally made by an experienced baby-clothes designer and manufacturer. They are overlocked and hemmed to prevent fraying and can be machine-washed up to 40 degrees.